Using LinkedIn to grow your business

In today’s ever changing world, brands have to rely on more than one touch point to reach their customers and clients. And while the overarching goal is engagement, likes, follows and shares on most platforms, LinkedIn is a world unto itself, and capitalizing on it and its capabilities take a little know how.

While the 18-25 age demographic tends to reside firmly on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok, Facebook remains the favourite of the 35+ group and little has been shared about the illusive LinkedIn.

As a captive market for all things corporate – LinkedIn is the professional persona ecosystem started back in 2003. Its intent was to be a professional networking platform and many of its subscribers still use it as such. Companies initially joined to establish a presence and to capitalize on the opportunity to publicize employment vacancies and actively recruit new talent.

However, more and more we see companies presenting their corporate brand presence on LinkedIn and capitalizing on promoting their brand simultaneously behooves any forward thinking brand. The truth is, you can’t grow your business without a presence there. Unlike Instagram and Facebook where you would actively push your product or service include pricing info and promotions, LinkedIn is where brands go to establish
credibility in their respective industry.

Optimizing your company and personal pages on LinkedIn is easy to do and here are some quick steps to bring you up to speed:

1. Keep your presence fresh.

Ensure your contact information, company summary and profile picture are current. Tip, LinkedIn recommends your photos are 400×400 pixels. Include a banner picture and ensure that it is 1536 x 768 pixels. Ensure your branding is consistent and the same as used on other platforms. Present a clear value proposition specific to your audience. (i.e.: Follow us to increase your sales).

2. Keep your content clearly aligned to what you do.

Content strategies for LinkedIn need to differ greatly from that of other platforms. Where on IG and FB you would post more about your products or services, on LinkedIn it would be very beneficial to share articles that are in tune and pertinent to the industry you work within. Show your followers that you have a finger on the pulse of your industry, locally, regionally and internationally. Not only is it beneficial to share articles, but also your thoughts about them. Sharing your authentic voice here shares who you are – what your brand stands for.

3. Blogs

Share blog posts showcasing how your brand proved to solve a problem for your customers/clients. Speak to some of the questions that your market typically has – i.e. price value, and process. Explain so that perceived value is clear and if for instance your services are customizable and you don’t have a set price list as a result, then explain that to your audience. Your market will value that your quotation process is customized to their precise needs. Tip: Use WordPress to share your blogs.

Use videos to share your group, your services/ products, your story. Studies show that the more dynamic your content is, the more engaged your audience will be. Tip: Play your videos with SlideShare.

4. Engage.

Once you post, ensure you listen and engage with your followers, respond to comments, answer direct messages and follow requests.

5. Capitalize on the Recommendations and Testimonials features.

Seek out a minimum of five (5) endorsements, these provide your brand with credibility – especially for new followers or potential customers/ clients who may not be familiar with your company.

6. Highlight your wins!

When your company has a win – share with your followers. Just landed a huge client – or has your group been in the news in a positive way – share with your followers.

7. LinkedIn URLs

The Platform will automatically create a default address for your pages – customize it to create a branded address.

In summary, by actively engaging on LinkedIn and capitalizing on the enhanced features it offers, your brand will become optimized and quickly reap the benefits.



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