The Rise of Live-Streaming

We are now in the golden age of live-streaming.

We all know live-streaming certainly isn’t new but this year we have DEFINITELY seen an increase over the quarantine period – parties, conferences, concerts and a variety of events are now turning digital as they learn to adapt their marketing strategies to this new-normal.

The market of live-streaming is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. Years ago, Amazon and Facebook bet on their own live video platforms Twitch and Facebook Live, respectively, and it paid off – big time. Why? Because people like to watch people – there are millions of people around the globe, ready and waiting in front of their computer or phone screens to see what their favorite brands can bring to life digitally. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s report on live video streaming, nearly half of consumers, 47%, have watched more live video content than they did a year before.

Live-streaming on social media platforms makes your brand more intimate, authentic, dynamic and engaging. With all that has happened this year it is important that we share a more genuine connection with our consumers, as they now crave the sense of community that live-streaming provides more than ever.

They get to see the people behind the brands they love, innovating and creating more meaningful ways to connect despite being face-to-face!

Live-streaming is no longer the differentiator – it’s a must have this year. We’re going to share a few #ElleTips with you, as to why YOUR brand should be implementing a live-streaming strategy into it’s marketing plan for the next few years.

Opens the floor for communication

Live-streaming gives you the chance to chat with your consumers and target audience in real-time. Users share their comments and queries and you’re able to start a conversation with them, allowing them to feel more involved with your brand. Oh, and don’t forget sparking conversation and allowing your users to interact increases your engagement!

Your audience is always craving video content

As you may know, video content has been the it-factor for digital marketing for quite some time now and it remains that way. Live video streaming allows for engaging and versatile content in real-time that we’re sure users would love.

It’s important to remember that live-streaming is no longer strictly associated with gamers and their fanbase – it is now (or should be) the key focus for your digital strategy session with your marketing team or agency (Elle Creative ofcourse!) as it is now the time to create more meaningful connections with your audience.

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